6th Year Anniversary!

Posted on Sep 4, 2017

Leo’s Playland is turning 6, and we welcome one and all to come celebrate with us between 9/08 (Fri) to 9/17 (Sun)!

Anniversary Promotions:

* Taiwan ID# promotion
See how many “6”s you have in your Taiwan ID#. If your Taiwan ID# has one “6” then get 20% off one regularly priced children’s entry! Two “6”s in your ID# gets you 30% off, and three or more “6”s gets you 40% off! (All other children can enjoy 10% off regularly priced entrance.)

* Official T-shirt promotion
If you come wearing one of our official Leo’s Playland T-shirts you can enjoy 25% off a regularly priced children’s entry! (This promotion will remain active until Sept 30, 2018.)

* Party Room Bookings
During the anniversary period, we will give you 1 extra hour in your party room when you book a room for 2 hours or more.

* Party Room Raffle Drawing
Anyone who holds a party during our anniversary period and accumulates up to 10,000 NTD in spending at Leo’s Playland that day is automatically eligible for our special Party Room Raffle Drawing with great prizes from our various anniversary event sponsors!

Free Anniversary Activities:

* Mini ABC DIY experience
9/08 (Fri), 10:30AM – 11:30AM
9/15 (Fri), 10:30AM – 11:30AM

* Magic & Balloon show
9/10 (Sun), 1PM – 2PM
9/17 (Sun), 2PM – 3PM

* Interactive story time
9/16 (Sat), 1PM – 2PM

Special thanks to our anniversary sponsors: 恆藝國際有限公司、國泰健康管理中心、可森早知道健康管理 、瓶子先生兒童派對、飛凡魔術表演、Mini ABC