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New for 2014, we’re updating our VIP membership program to give our VIPs more savings and make it easier to qualify for membership renewal!


VIP Benefits

  1. Free entry for two adults.
  2. 15% off standard children’s entrance fees (up to three children).
  3. 10% off food & beverage (not including business lunch sets or other discounted meals).
  4. If you book a party room, enjoy 10% off party booking fees.
  5. If you book a party room, enjoy 15% off entry for ALL children attending the party.

How to become a VIP

A) Apply for a Leo’s Playland Point Card to accumulate points towards a VIP membership, every 50 NT spent awards you one point. Upon reaching 400 points within a year, you will be awarded VIP status and issued VIP card.

B) Apply for a Leo’s Playland Point Card to track the number of entries (children only) accumulated at our store. Upon reaching 20 children’s entrances, you will be awarded VIP status and issued VIP card.

C) VIP membership can be purchased directly for the price of 20,000 NT

VIP Rules & Regulations

  1. Each VIP card is meant for use by one family: ie, parents & children only. Mis-use of your card can result in the cancellation of your VIP membership.
  2. Standard VIP membership expires in one year.
  3. A VIP membership is qualified for renewal if you accumulate over 10,000 NT in spending at Leo’s Playland over the course of the one year membership period.
  4. The VIP card must be presented to receive benefits and to accumulate spending towards membership renewal.

Other Information

  1. After-discount sums are used to track membership renewal qualification.
  2. VIP discounts for child entry are not given when Ticket Packs are used for entry.
  3. VIP discounts can not be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions.
  4. Damaged or lost VIP cards can be re-issued. A processing fee of 100 NT will be charged.
  5. Leo’s Playland reserves the right to change the VIP membership program without prior notice.